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Room 206.

You are woken by the alarm on your smartphone.
Switching items and inspecting objects in your small one room apartment before you leave for school…

Simple but important things will change fate.

"Have you done everything you need?"

Total Playtime
・5 min - 1 hour estimate

(This game has two endings.)


206_ver3.10.zip 19 MB


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Konnichiwa! it's me, good job little gir :)))

i  was wondering if there's anyway happy at all, cause i tried everything i could think of, even reading (i think) all the diary entries. also the slow walk is kinda frustrating sometimes. but still with all that, i still like the game for the underlying plot line and absolutely adorable graphic and animation. really looking forward to see more of your future work!

Hello! i really enjoyed playing this game! i really liked the art style of this game it made me feel like i was going to be playing something cute and innocent but that was not the case! i won't say much more but that i really enjoyed this and i hope to see more from you great job!